General Pest Control

General Pest Control service is for the control of pests such as mosquitoes, cockroaches, bed bugs, grain pests, spiders, lizards, silverfish, crickets, sand flies, home flies, biting midges, fleas, ticks, wasps, earwigs, millipedes, wood lice, mites and ants etc…

We prevent pests by using Internationally accepted (approved by World Health Organisation) synthetic pyrethroide / Public health insecticide, which control the pest more effectively.

Rodent Control

Controls both mouse and rat through repeated treatment by way of pre-baiting and poison baiting. For this, we use toxic rodenticides. Non toxic glue and mechanical traps are also used; being non toxic it can be used anywhere without any harm

Harmless use of Rodenticides

Odourless and tasteless baits are preferably used. Rats eat multiple doses till the accumulated dose proves fatal. Delayed on set of action results in apparently symptomless and painless death. Therefore, bait shyness does not occur. These rodenticides are not fatal to other animals even if they consume accidentally. The chief advantage of our rodenticides is that they are highly effective and provide 95% control of rats.

Anti-Termite Treatment

Termite control in buildings is very important as the damage likely to be caused by the termites is huge. Wood is one of the cellulosic materials which termites damage, cellulose forming their basic nutrient. They also damage materials of organic origin with a cellulosic base, household articles like furniture, furnishings, clothing, stationery, etc. The widespread damage by termites, high constructional cost of buildings have necessitated evolving suitable measures for preventing access of termites to buildings.

Chemical barriers which prevent the termites from reaching the super-structure of the building will protect the building and its contents. Treating the soil beneath the building and around the foundations with a soil insecticide is a good preventing measure. The purpose of this treatment is to create a chemical barrier between the ground from where the termites come and woodwork, cellulosic materials and other contents of the buildings which may form food for the termites.

A pre construction anti termite treatment will destroy the termite infestation before the building is made or completed. When compared to post construction treatment, pre construction anti termite treatment is considered much effective and cost-effective too.