Staff Training & Client Education

We select the staff with utmost care and train them thoroughly. Our staff undergoes soft skill training for three days on their induction to the job. After the soft skill training they are introduced to the concept of pest control and management. Then we get them acquainted with the insecticides and rodenticides that are in use. They are made aware of the chemical properties of the materials and also of the hazardous nature of the materials. They are made conscious of the care and caution required to be exercised when they are on job in the interest of their own health and of the clients, staff and customers. After training, a newcomer works with an experienced senior workman for two months. By that time, he gets groomed, and becomes confident and matured. We gather feedback from the senior incharge and also from the head of the department of the client. Convinced of the efficiency and maturity from the feedback, we confirm a newcomer.


The following are the steps that we follow:

  • Our senior incharge/supervisor assesses the incidence of pests and rodents.
  • He enlists the measures to be adopted – different types of traps and applications of insecticides and rodenticides.
  • The director then counter checks the senior supervisor’s / manager’s assessment and his suggestions as to the measures to be adopted.
  • The senior incharge/supervisor/director discusses with the HOD of the client as to the assessment and measures.
  • Provides list of chemicals/insecticides to be used and their material safety data sheet and also the treatment schedule.
  • Begins the treatment.
  • Assess, periodically, the effectiveness of the treatment.
  • Changes in the treatment schedule and changes in chemicals are informed to the HOD and his/her permission sought for.
  • Daily activity report recorded and countersigned by department-in-charge.
  • Special care to avoid wastage and excess.
  • We will ensure that chemical / insecticides treatment for pests will be confined to places enlisted and given to us.
  • We will ensure that chemicals / insecticides are used alternately to break any kind of resistance in the pest.

Economically Optimised

The Economy of the services rendered are worked out on the basis of an assessment, of the requirements of the client. After doing our own assessment a detailed discussion will be held with the client and thereafter quotaion will be submitted.